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about merionwen

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Merionwen is the trading name of me - Helen Reeves-Howard.

I have a background in holistic therapy and specialise in phytotherapy. I have a love of all things natural and ethical and try to instil this belief into my day to day living. I try to maintain a ecologically sound lifestyle and I am a life long advocate of growing my own. From food for the table, to herbs and aromatics I have used for my own skin care and well being.

Like many people I recycle, repair and reuse as much as possible. I am raising my two children with similar ethics and have ensured I have passed on the importance of animal welfare, organic and Fairtrade goods and treading lightly upon the earth. I feel it is important to make informed and sensitive choices through all walks of life.

It is with this mindset I went about my chosen path. Training first in phytotherapy I was able to realise my love of nature and plants in a sympathetic way. This passion led me naturally to holistic therapy such as aromatherapy, hot stone massage and cosmetology.

I feel it is important to pay full attention to what you are putting onto your skin as well as the food we are putting into our bodies. Thus Merionwen came into being.

Not wishing to go full steam ahead without a full knowledge of the subject I spent several years studying cosmetology to enable me to be fully informed. It is with this in mind I feel confident in bringing to you the products I love and cherish. I whole heartedly hope you will come to love them as much as I do. I hope you will share in the feeling of well being using the products while knowing there is no harm coming to either yourselves or the environment we live in.

Please read more about myself and Merionwen in the blog. Here you will find all the results of my continued enthusiasm for the subject as I endeavour to bring more and more good things to Merionwen. logo